Why attend this year’s Aviation Carbon 2024 ?

Aviation Carbon 2024 will be of great importance to airlines, business jet and other categories of aircraft operators from around the world keen to find out the latest developments and thinking on sustainability and aviation emissions compliance.
It will be of particular interest to those working in departments responsible for policy, finance, operations, fuel, legal, regulatory, ESG and sustainability.

Many other stakeholders will also benefit from attending, including policymakers, regulators, fuel and energy companies, NGOs and carbon market professionals, consultants, researchers.

What’s on the agenda?

Last year we featured new sessions on SAF (sustainable aviation fuels), sustainability-linked finance, ESG (environmental, social & governance), carbon removal technology in addition to our traditional topics of carbon emissions compliance and carbon markets.

This year will be providing the latest updates on these key topics and also we will add much more content of the Non-CO2 impacts of aviation on the climate, which has seen increasing interest by policymakers in tackling the issue as well as potential technical and operational measures being developed to mitigate the net warming impacts of contrails.

More specifically, the EU ETS is very likely to introduce new non-CO2 MRV (monitoring, reporting and verification) requirements of airlines / operators with effect from 1 January 2025. It’s essential that they and their partners are fully prepared to implement them.