Terms and Conditions of Registration and Sale

Terms and conditions of registration and ticket / pass sale for Aviation Carbon Events

When you register to attend an event organised by Aviation Carbon Events (ACE), we have to commit to, and pay for, your place at the venue, and therefore we incur direct significant costs for each registered delegate. Therefore, when you register to attend an Aviation Carbon event we must consider your registration as binding, even if you may have benefited from one of our limited free offers.

Registration Categories:

Airlines & Aircraft Operators
This category is only for employees of airlines, cargo and business jet fleet operators. It excludes corporate and private operators, as well as delegates from third parties / representatives, who should register under the Commercial Sectors category.

A maximum of 3 passes with a 100% discount are available per event to Airlines and Aircraft Operators. The registrant should in the first instance liaise within their organisation to determine which of their registrants will take the offer of discounted passes. ACE reserves the right to discontinue the offer to a particular operator who has used up their 100% discounted three passes limit; ACE may also reject any registrations above the limit.

Non-Commercial Organisations
This category is only for delegates from industry & other associations, governments, regulators, NGOs, full-time academics and students.

Aerospace, Infrastructure, Fuel & SAF
This category is only for delegates only from aerospace manufacturers, airports, air navigation service providers, fuel and sustainable aviation fuel developers and suppliers.

Commercial Sector
This category is for delegates from legal, banking, lessors, sustainable finance, IT providers, carbon sector, verifiers, environmental consultants, all remaining sectors.
Companies in the ‘carbon sector’, i.e. whose primary activity involves and of carbon brokerage / trading, providing offsets, developing carbon projects, etc are limited to the purchase of 1 pass per event unless they are already signed up to the event as sponsors or exhibitors.

N.B: The categories above are a guide and ACE reserves the right to finally determine the the category of any individual registrant or organisation. ACE reserves the right reject a registration where the incorrect registration category has been selected or a discount code has been exceeded or used incorrectly.


For the avoidance of any doubt, the applicable price of a ticket (entry pass) to an Aviation Carbon event at any time is the one displayed in our “Eventzilla” registration system at any given moment whilst registration is open. We endeavour to update all references to prices elsewhere on our websites and other communications, however, we cannot guarantee that they are always updated due the time required to update websites and delays in transmitting information across the worldwide internet.

All prices shown are exclusive of UK VAT (value added tax) which shall be added during the registration and payment process. Any discounts applied are deducted from the price net of VAT as shown in the Eventzilla system. After the discount is applied, VAT shall then be applied to the sale. You may be able to apply to reclaim VAT incurred from your local tax authority, however, we cannot enter into any discussions with you concerning VAT payment nor refunds.

The organisers reserve the right to increase or decrease ticket prices, and any discount rates, or offers, or change ticket types and names, at any time and without notice and without any liability to refund in any proportion any amount in respect of any registration already made. In other words, the price that you pay at the time of your registration on our ‘Eventzilla’ system is binding and no further discounts or reductions shall apply.

Cancellations and No-Shows:

If you cannot attend an Aviation Carbon event for which you registered, you must request us in writing to consider your substitution by another colleague from your organisation, as soon as possible. You should notify your request and details of your nominated substitute using our  contact form. We will review your request and reply to you and the nominated substitute via email as soon as possible.

If you fail to attend the event without a confirmed substitute from your organisation, your registration fees shall not be refunded.

If you have benefited from registering with a free entry ticket, and you fail to attend without a confirmed substitute, we reserve the right to charge you the full amount of the non-discounted delegate rate applicable for your ticket category, which we shall use as compensation for the wasted place and the related costs incurred that we committed to upon behalf of your registration.

If we confirm your nomination of substitute and they do not attend, we fully reserve the right to charge you for their non-attendance to the full amount of the non-discounted delegate rate applicable for your ticket category.

If registration fees are not received and cleared on our account within 30 days of registration, your registration will be automatically cancelled and you shall be liable to pay a GBP 50 (+ VAT) cancellation administration fee in addition to the cost of the registration fee. If you are facing payment issues, you must contact us in writing and stating your order number.

If the event is cancelled for reasons outside of our control, for example COVID or other pandemic, we shall refund your payment after deducting a registration administrative charge of 15%.


By registering for an Aviation Carbon event, you give us explicit consent that we may print a) your name, b) organisation name, and c) job title d) organisation logo on our printed conference material and PDF electronic files distributed at the event to all registrants. You also consent to us sharing a) your name, b) organisation name, and c) job title with our event partners and sponsors so that they may know if their association members or clients are attending the event. You consent that these details will appear in the event app. You consent that your organisation name and logo appears on our websites and other promotional and event media.

When you register for an Aviation Carbon event you consent that we may share your registration information with the whole event team, as we deem appropriate, so that we are able to organise and deliver the event.

Please note that this privacy clause is separate to our request to use your personal data for other stated business purposes and for which we seek your specific opt-in approval during the event registration process, and which is covered by our full and terms conditions and privacy policies at http://www.aviationcarbon.aero/terms-and-conditions/  and http://www.aviationcarbon.aero/privacy/.


By registering for an Aviation Carbon event you consent that we may display your company name and logo on our website and related event materials to help inform attendees and other viewers that your organisation is attending.

As public events, we may take photographs, video and audio recordings at an Aviation Carbon event. When you register for our events, you consent that the aforementioned media which might contain your image, voice and your company name and logo, may be used by Aviation Carbon Events in our role as event organiser and displayed on our websites or our other communication channels without further permission and without any requirement to compensate. If you are speaking or presenting, you consent that we may post your presentation in PDF format on our website or send via email or share via a cloud storage service, as well as sharing in a similar manner any related video and audio recordings.

Respect for other attendees:

By registering for an Aviation Carbon event you agree to dress in standard international “business casual” or “business formal” attire, or your regional or cultural business attire equivalents.

You agree not to act to deliberately detract from or interfere with a presentation or a discussion panel, or our event partner’s / sponsor’s / exhibitor’s marketing efforts.

You agree not to distribute brochures or any other marketing collateral unless you are contracted to our event as an official partner, sponsor or exhibitor. We fully reserve the right to make a judgement regarding any such complaint or our observation if it occurs, and we may choose to expel any such attendee and other members of their organisation attending, without notice nor refund nor any other liability. We reserve the right to seek financial compensation equivalent to at least the fees paid by our official sponsors / exhibitors if an attendee has distributed unauthorised marketing collateral without the explicit written permission of our Director of Operations. For the avoidance of doubt, the exchange of standard size / format professional business cards is permitted on a direct one to one basis by any attendee with any another attendee.

These terms and conditions are governed by and to be construed in accordance with English law. Any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts, or ACE may choose arbitration and whose decision shall be final and binding on all parties.

Policy last updated 31 May 2022