Privacy Policy

Aviation Carbon Events Ltd is incorporated in the UK and operates in accordance with UK cookie, privacy and other applicable laws within this jurisdiction. Aviation Carbon Events Ltd (ACE) may use your personal information and related data that you provide to us.

Regarding cookies, ACE only uses functional and statistical cookies which are required to deliver you the content of this site; we do not collect personally identifiable information with these technical cookies. We can only see the number of visitors, the number of views, and the country of origin, not individual IP addresses or other details. For more information please read our Cookie Policy.

ACE does collect your personal data when you submit it to us via the contact form, and when you register to attend one of our events, and when you pay in connection to attend one of our events, and when you send us an e-mail or phone us, and when otherwise you transact commercially with us regarding any other product or service we may provide you with.

When you register for our events you allow us to share your submitted registration information with our event co-organisers and which helps our teams to organise and deliver our events. When you register for one of our events, your registration is subject to our Terms and Conditions of Registration and Sale, including discounted and free registrations, exhibitors, sponsors and partners.

ACE uses any personal data that you provide us with to generally provide our services as an event organiser, and additionally any extra services which you may have requested from us. When you register for one of our events, you agree that we print out a) your name, b) organisation name, and c) job title (but not other details) on our conference ‘attendee list’ in the ‘delegate pack’ which is printed out, or in electronic format, and provided to registrants. We may also provide similar information to our conference partners and sponsors to help them know if their members or clients are attending an event. These details will also appear in the event app.

You allow us to use and retain your personal data to provide you with our services as an event organiser. If you have attended one of our events, as an existing client, we make a reasonable business assumption that as a professional involved in this subject area you may be interested in a subsequent event of ours, or our related products and services, and we may contact you accordingly. Should you no longer require informational communications to be sent to you, you can inform us at any time by using the contact form on this website, or use an opt-out choice on any specific email.

Please be aware that even after receiving your opt-out request, we may still need to retain and use your personal data for other purposes such as complying with financial, taxation and other legislative requirements, resolving any disputes, enforcing agreements, and any other business good-practice. This can includes retaining your personal data for backup or archive purposes for an extended period of time due to legal, tax or regulatory reasons, or for legitimate and lawful business purposes. For example, tax authorities may require the retention of some personal data related to commercial transactions for ten years or longer.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, or if you want to exercise your rights to opt-out or other actions, please contact us using the contact form on this website.

ACE utilises several information technology processing and storage systems to be able to provide you with our services and run our business. Your personal data may be stored or processed in the UK, EU, Switzerland, or outside of the EEA region, for example in the US. We are not able to provide guarantees that our suppliers may not process or store such information in another country. You therefore agree to the possibility of your processing and storage of your information outside of the EEA by using our services or attending on of our events.

To be completely transparent, we would like to share with you that:

  • Our event registration system is provided by a company called Eventzilla. They are US-based, have operated for more than 10 years and have transacted more than $100 million in ticket sales. Your registration is SSL or TLS encrypted. Their privacy policy is detailed at this link.
  • When you register for our events using Eventzilla, if you choose to pay by credit card the payment will be transacted via the payment processor Stripe, a US company with global operations. Transactions are SSL / TLS encrypted. Their privacy policy is detailed at this link.
  • For registrations in which payment is made via bank transfer, our bank is the NatWest, one of the largest UK banks with operations worldwide.
  • Our website uses WordPress, the world’s largest creator of website software. We do not knowingly use their cookies on our website, but we cannot exclude the possibility that they might use cookies in some part of the process of delivering our website. Their privacy policy is detailed at this link.
  • Our email system is hosted by a UK based provider. Emails may be processed and stored in the US, UK, EU and any other location where we work or transit through. For your general information, due to the nature of emails in general, there are no guarantees that normal emails are adequately encrypted since many parts of the global email system may not support encryption. Some governments also forbid encryption. If you wish to exchange confidential information with ACE via email, and if it is legal in your country to do so, you should choose a secure email solution or send us an email with your confidential information in an attachment with AES-128 level of encryption or higher.
  • Our main document filing systems are Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive, which is both US-based companies with global operations. Data sent to and from Dropbox and OneDrive  is SSL / TLS encrypted. Dropbox’s privacy policy is detailed at this link and the Microsoft privacy policy is detailed at this link.
  • To keep in touch with you and let you know about our upcoming events or any new services we may launch, we use Mailchimp, which is a US-based company with global operations. Mailchimp’s privacy policy is detailed at this link.
  • To request your feedback from our events we use Surveymonkey, which is a US-based company with global operations. Surveymonkey’s privacy policy is detailed at this link.

Policy last updated 24 January 2023