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Thanks to the great support of our sponsors and partners, in addition to the Early Bird discounts, we also have a very limited number of additional reductions of 100% for upto 3 delegates per qualifying airline / operator, with a maximum of 2 people from the same work department. Please co-ordinate your attendance with your work colleagues to ensure the discounts are used fairly across the airline such as operations, finance, SAF, environment, government affairs, etc. If in doubt, contact us!

There is very limited availability for discount passes, so please ensure that you request your airline / operator discount today. Extra passes can be purchased at favourable rates.

If you already have received your Discount Code from Verifavia or GreenAir News or our airline industry partners, please go directly to the Order Page  –  you do not need to complete the form below!

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If "Other" please provide describe.

Page content updated 24 May 2024