About Us

Aviation Carbon Events Ltd (ACE) is an independent organiser of professional, international business conferences focusing on measures to address aviation’s impact on the environment and climate change.

Our first conference in 2012 brought the airline and business jet sectors together with the carbon markets and regulatory authorities at the time of the ‘controversial’ introduction of aviation into the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). Since then, the international agreement on the CORSIA global carbon offsetting scheme for international aviation has provided an important new focus and impetus for our conferences.

The leadership team of ACE has an extensive background in the aviation industry, each Director having at least 25 years of experience.



Launched in 2007, GreenAir News is an online publication dedicated to publishing independent, informative and up-to-the-minute news, features and analysis on current issues surrounding aviation and its impact on climate change and the environment. It has no association with industry, environmental pressure groups or government bodies and so is able to present opinions from all sides without bias. GreenAir covers a broad spectrum of subject areas, and has devoted considerable coverage to developments of new technologies, particularly sustainable aviation fuels, the inclusion of aircraft operators into the EU ETS and the CORSIA global scheme, and more recently the sector’s net zero emissions by 2050 ambition.




Green Aviation is an environmental-purpose organization whose experts offer advice, project oversight and hands-on support to airlines and operators of all sizes, worldwide, since 2008. We help you to navigate the complex challenges of sustainable aviation including, CORSIA, EU ETS, UK ETS, CH ETS, carbon-neutral solutions, nature-based solutions, regenerative / carbon+, innovating solutions such as the fledgling fly-eco.com. We’ve delivered successfully for major airlines and business jet operators for more than 13 years. Even if you only need a second opinion and an experienced perspective, don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation discussion!




VERIFAVIA is a worldwide independent environmental accredited verification, certification and auditing body for aviation (airlines and business jets), airports and maritime transport. VERIFAVIA is the world’s leading verifier for aviation, providing verification services to more than 300 airlines from 100 countries for EU ETS, CH ETS, UK ETS and / or CORSIA each year. VERIFAVIA also verifies airlines’ carbon inventory reports and environmental KPIs. VERIFAVIA has recently pioneered Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) services and offers independent audit of airlines’ SAF Programs. VERIFAVIA is accredited by COFRAC, UKAS and SAC, and operates from France, India and Singapore.