Topics to be covered:

  • The problem of carbon emissions from aviation and why action is required: current forecast of emissions and traffic growth over the coming decade.
  • Can market-based measures such as CORSIA satisfactorily address concerns over growing emissions from international aviation?
  • What are the key features of CORSIA?
  • What will be the EU ETS changes in response to CORSIA and what are its future prospects?
  • How does the international carbon offset market work and will it need to adapt for CORSIA?
  • What are the MRV requirements under CORSIA?
  • How should airlines and business aircraft operators prepare themselves for CORSIA compliance?
  • What is the latest state of play concerning ECUs and biofuels at ICAO?
  • What is the demand likely to be under CORSIA for carbon offsets?
  • Carbon strategies for airlines and business aircraft operators for CORSIA and EU ETS.
  • Free consultation sessions with specialists.

Detailed agenda will be published shortly. You can obtain it by completing your details on the contact form on this site.